At Rental Kharma we work hard to make sure that our service will work for all our members and their budgets. In addition to the option of paying the full registration fee, we have a split payment option. We came up with a payment plan to help our members that want to do past reporting

If our past reporting fees cost a little more than you planned for, you can choose the payment plan option to report all your past payment history. Choosing the payment plan does not slow down the process whatsoever! Below is an example of how our payment plan works. This image is of a registration that covers 24 months of past reporting for a single renter.

As you can see in the above image, the lowest price to get started with past reporting is about $48 to get in the door! This initial $48.33 gives you a little bit more flexibility in budget, and allows us to get you to the finish line. 

The payment plan can also be broken up differently into payments if you are adding a roommate/spouse to your membership.

The options to report the full 24 months of payment history with a roommate/spouse are: two payments of $85 each, three payments of $56.67 each, or four payments $42.50 if you are adding a spouse or roommate.

NOTE: If you choose the split payment option and cancel our ongoing services, you will still be responsible for the balance of your payment plan.

If you do not complete the payment plan or do not pay the full balance on your account, your rental data will not remain on your credit report. You will keep what you did pay for, but we will have to remove some of the history if we were unable to process your payments.

You should read our reviews, as about 70% of our members use Rental Kharma to purchase a home.

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