Subscription Fees and Ongoing Reporting

After you sign up for services, whether you select to record your past rental history or just moving forward, the first monthly fee(billed quarterly) for ongoing reporting will happen 30 days after registration. Reminder, we have a $25 registration fee per person. This gets you signed up, but does not cover any past history or future months.

All Monthly Fees for ongoing reporting are billed quarterly

For an individual renter, our monthly subscription fee is a low rate of $6.95 per month! Each month, we will reach out to your landlord or property manager to confirm you are still being a great tenant and paying your rent on time!

If you have a spouse or roommate on your account, the monthly subscription fee is just $2 more to verify your ongoing rental payment history for a total of $8.95 per month.  

Being that our subscription is charged quarterly, please expect to be a charge of $20.85 once every 3 months (or four times a year) if you are a solo member of Rental Kharma. 

If you have added a Roommate/Spouse to you rmembership, the quarterly fee will be a charge of $26.85 four times a year.

Past Reporting

Because Past Reporting is typically paid up front or included into the payment plan you might select, it is not part of the monthly fees.

Past Reporting is a flat fee of $5/month to record previous rental payments you have already made. Rental Kharma has the ability to go back and report up to the last 24 months of payments from today's date. The amount of past reporting can be customized to your needs. 

For a year of past reporting, it would be $60, as that's $5 x 12 months. This is a flat rate if it's just you on the membership, or you and a spouse. The only difference is that we have a $25 registration fee per person.

How Can I Cancel my Services?

We do not have any cancellation fees or contracts. You can cancel your account at any time! Read about our cancellation and refund policy here.

If you have any further questions or difficulties, send us a message via our online chat feature. It's the little orange bubble right down there in the bottom right corner! You can also reach us with a phone call at 720-307-1466.

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