Are you unsure if your rent has been verified? Are you having trouble seeing Rental Kharma on your credit report?

How Can I Check My Account Status?

Let's see if we have verified your rental history and where your account is in our process. There are a couple ways to check your account status and if your information has been verified. We will notify you when our verification process has been completed primarily through emails and text messages.

You can check your status by

  • Checking your Email for messages from our team

  • Logging in to your Rental Kharma User Portal

  • Checking your SMS and text message history

  • Send us a message through our online chat feature

  • Giving us a Call at 720-307-1466

There are three mains ways you can see your rent has been verified. We will start with Email Confirmation, then go to Portal Confirmation and finally Text Message Confirmation.

 Hooray! I received confirmation emails that my rent was verified!

You may have received the following email from us. This email is letting you know that we have verified your rental payment history and we will be sending your information off to TransUnion over the next several days. Once we receive confirmation, we upload to TransUnion twice a week on Mondays and Thursdays.

Subject: Congrats Courtney! Your Rent is Verified

High Fives Courtney,

Congrats! We verified your rent today.

Your rent payments should appear on your credit report in 7-10 Business Days.

Can you do us a favor and like us?


- Team Rental Kharma

There is also follow up email that will be sent a few days later or even the same day that looks something like this! 

This email means it's pretty much time to check your credit report! Keep in mind, even though your data has been sent off to TransUnion, sometimes it takes a little extra time for credit monitoring services like Credit Karma to fully update. Credit Karma updates your credit report every 7 days.

Subject: Hey Courtney, Check Your Credit Report!

Hello Courtney,

This email is a reminder that your rent payments should be appearing on your credit report any day now and you should make sure you have signed up for a credit monitoring service so you can see the results of Rental Kharma!

Watch your congrats video now!

We recommend all of our customer signup for a free account with Credit Karma to monitor their credit. You can enroll completely for free at

ATTACHED to this email is a simple tutorial on how to find your Rent on your Credit Report.
Credit Karma also has great apps you can download for free for your smartphone:

Iphone Credit Karma Download

Android Credit Karma Download


Team Rental Kharma

Checking your Rental Kharma Portal for Rent Verification

Having trouble accessing your Rental Kharma portal? (link to portal article)

After you log in to your Rental Kharma User Portal, you will click on the orange button on the left that says Status Tracker. If your rent has been verified, you will see something that looks similar to this image below.

You will notice that sometimes the day we receive confirmation that your rent was verified from your Landlord or Property Manager might be a day or a couple days different from the date reported to the credit report. That is because the date reported to the credit report is actually the day we upload your information to TransUnion. After your information is uploaded, it takes 7-10 business days for it to be added to your credit report.

Yes! I Received Confirmation Texts!

Once your rent has been verified, we will send you a couple text messages to let you know! The text messages explain the timeline of 7-10 business days for everything to be posted to your score. 

Typically, after it's been anywhere from 2 weeks to 30 days after your rent has been verified, you might receive this reminder text message. This is just letting you know you should be seeing Rental Kharma on your credit report.

If you have any further questions or difficulties, send us a message via our online chat feature. It's the little orange bubble right down there in the bottom right corner! You can also reach us with a phone call at 720-307-1466.

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