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Not Seeing Rental Kharma on my Credit Report
Not Seeing Rental Kharma on my Credit Report

Help, I don't see Rental Kharma has been added to my credit report!

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Are you having trouble seeing Rental Kharma on your credit report? Not to worry! We can help you locate and understand what you are seeing after your rent has been verified and sent off to TransUnion.

Please note, if you have not gone through the Rental Kharma program, this guide does not apply for you, as rental history is not automatically included in your credit report unless you go through a 3rd party program.

Have you received confirmation that your rent has been verified?


At this point, everything has been completed! You will have received emails and text messages from our team that let you know your rent has been verified. Typically, it takes anywhere from 7-10 business days for your rental history to show up on your credit report after we receive confirmation from your landlord or property manager and have sent it to TransUnion.

Not yet!

Not to worry! We will contact you as soon as we receive our rental verification form back from your property managers or as soon as we are able to verify directly with your landlord. It then takes approximately 7-10 business days for the data to appear on your credit report after we send it off to TransUnion. If you are not checking on a service that shows your TransUnion credit report, then it will be impossible for you to see the account, as you must be checking your TransUnion data. Reminder, some credit monitoring services do not update more frequently than once every 30 days, even if we report in a quicker time frame.

My rent has been verified and it has been about 7-10 business days. How do I find Rental Kharma on my credit report?

There are many different ways to check your score. Some services are free and some services require paid membership. We highly recommend using Credit Karma as it is a free service with lots of educational tools. However, as long as you can view your TransUnion score on whichever monitoring service you use, you should be able to locate your Rental Kharma data.

How to Find Your Rental History on Your Credit Report

Click on the button to view a detailed and illustrated guide to find Rental Kharma on your credit report for whichever monitoring service you use. This is not a complete list, but hopefully, it helps!

If you still have any questions, comments or concerns, please send us an email, an online chat message or give us a phone call at 720-307-1466.

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