Rental Kharma reports your rental payment history to TransUnion & Equifax

We report rent to both companies whether you pay rent to a landlord or a property management company.

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TransUnion was the first credit bureau that adopted a 3rd party verification process to report your rent without you having to change the way you pay your rent. They started reporting back in 2014.

We are proud to let our members know that as of April 2021 we are reporting your rental payment history to Equifax.

What about Experian?

Experian does not accept rental payment history from 3rd party verification services. Experian only accepts ongoing rental payments if you pay rent electronically via through a checking account and a 3rd party company that reports to Experian.

In short Experian is way behind and they are literally discriminating against 30%-40% of renters that cannot pay electronically because those renters are under banked. We have only been asking them for 8 years to push the upgrade button.

If tomorrow all 3 credit bureaus merged into 1 company and you had just 1 credit score, the home buying and loan underwriting process would not change.

The 3 Bureau Misconception 

Most people have the misconception that data needs to be reported to all 3 bureaus. The reality is that is not the case. When mortgage lenders pull your credit reports they combine all the data into one report. When they see duplicate information, they simply delete the duplicates and continue on with the underwriting process.

For example, all home loans in the US are processed through a government program called Fannie/Freddie. When the mortgage officer pulls your credit file they pull from all 3 bureaus (TransUnion, Equifax & Experian). If you do not have a score on all 3, then they will use just the ones you do have data with.

When they pull your report they upload it into the underwriting program and ALL duplicate data is deleted and disregarded. So if you have your rent on one bureau, that is all you need to keep you moving towards success. 

For Example:
If you have a car loan for $30,000 reporting on all 3 credit reports, the underwriting program will compare account numbers to make sure you do not own 3 cars and have 3 accounts with $90,000 in debt on each. It recognizes they are the same and simply deletes the duplicates.

You should read our reviews, as about 70% of our members use Rental Kharma to purchase a home.

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