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Does my landlord need to participate?

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Yes ► Your landlord DOES need to participate. The process is SUPER SIMPLE FOR YOUR LANDLORD.

#1 Initial Verification ► Takes 5 Minutes with Your Landlord

The initial verification is simple, we need to speak with your landlord for 5 minutes. We do NOT NEED A COPY OF YOUR LEASE.

During that 5 minute call we will confirm with your landlord the following.
When you moved into the rental?

How much you pay in rent each month?

Have you ever been more than 30 days late with rent?

We will also complete a quick ID Quiz with your landlord to confirm they are the owner.

Tips for a Speedy Verification

► 3 Way calls with your landlord are the easiest and can be completed when you register over the phone.

► If we are not doing a 3 way call, we simply ask that you reach out to your landlord and let them know you are signing up for services with us. Ask them if they are willing to help you out! If you're a great tenant who pays on time(NO 30 day late payments), most landlord's will be happy to work with us! Let them know we will be calling from 720-307-1466.

► 10% of landlords own a property via a business called an LLC, when this is the case, we need to speak with the person responsible for creating the LLC and confirm your rent with them. When we speak with your landlord we will confirm with them a couple of data points about the ownership of the LLC before proceeding with verification. This is also a simple process and requires no paperwork as we do the research on our end before the call.

Online Option ► If your landlord is not available by phone, we do have an online process that they can complete, we send a secure email link that your landlord can complete at their convenience. This verification process ensures we are speaking to the right person. No sensitive information is required and the verification process feels kind of like a quick survey!

#2 Monthly Updates ► 30 Seconds a Month

Once a month we need to verify your rent payments with your landlord. It’s free and easy for your landlord to verify your rental payments. They can verify your rent on a monthly basis via text message, a phone call or an email.

What if my Landlord refuses?

If your landlord refuses to participate, or we are unable to verify your information, we do have a 100% Money Back Guarantee.

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