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I Rent From a Property Management Company

Yes we can report your rent!

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It’s free and easy for your property manager to verify your rental payments.

Does My Property Management Company Qualify?

Rental Kharma works with property management companies that have over 50 units under management. If your manager has less than 50 units, we will need to speak with the actual property owner to verify your rent. View the Landlord Process!

Initial Verification

Option #1 If you pay your rent online via a rent payment portal, then we have a simple solution. We can remotely login to your portal and download the payment history.

Option #2 We can verify your rental history with your property managers by sending a Verification Of Rent form to them via email or fax. We can also do over the phone verification. We ask that you reach out to your property management company and let them know you are signing up for services with Rental Kharma. Ask them if they are willing to help you out! Let them know you are trying to add your rent payment history onto your credit report and that we will be giving them a call! The initial time required of your property manager is typically 5 minutes.

Monthly Updates

Option #1 If you pay rent trough a portal, we can expedite your monthly updates by keeping your portal login secured in our system and remotely downloading your statement each month.

Option #2 If we need to contact your property management company each month, They can verify your rent on a monthly basis via fax, a phone call or an email. Monthly updates take about one minute or less of your property manager's time.

What if my property management company Refuses?

If your property management company refuses to participate, or we are unable to verify your information, we do have a 100% Money Back Guarantee.

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