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Our Upfront Privacy Policy

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Our Upfront Privacy Policy

A New Approach to Privacy

We are not fans of legalese that the average person does not understand. So, our privacy policy should be upfront and honest.

We will not share your personal contact information to social media sites, large marketing corporations, or other entities that desire to know as much about you as possible.

Your information is held on our secure servers equipped with bank level security software. Your information will ONLY be used in ways help you save time and money. We will ask you before we introduce you to our network of quality providers.

We Do

We do report your rental payment data to credit bureaus.

When good renters build their credit and decide its time to buy a house, we do connect you with a good home lender or a good real estate agent.

When we know you are planning to move, we do connect good renters with good moving companies.

We will only connect you with one professional in our network at a time for a service that you are in need of at the right time.

We Do Not

We do not sell your information to telemarketing companies.

We do not sell your information to the US Government.

We do not sell your information to your Ex-Wife, Ex-Husband, Ex-Girlfriend, Ex-whatever, ex-yougettheidea.

We do not sell your information to large marketing corporations or social networks.

We do not sell your email address, Twitter, Facebook or any other account information to anyone.

If you have any questions call us at 720-307-1466.

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