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Privacy Policy & Terms of Service & Security
Privacy Policy & Terms of Service & Security

Our Upfront Privacy Policy

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► There is NO Contract for this service.

► You can cancel at anytime.

► You also are protected with our 90 day Money Back Guarantee.

Consumer Consent

By signing up and using the Rental Kharma service you agree to the following:

A Practical Approach to Privacy

We are not fans of legalese that the average person does not understand. So, our privacy policy should be upfront, easy to understand and honest.

If you were referred to Rental Kharma by a business partner like a realtor, we will let them know that you signed up for Rent Reporting if you used their partner code during registration.

We do report your rental payment data to credit bureaus.

We do not share or sell your information to other companies, Governments, your Ex-Wife, Ex-Husband, Ex-Girlfriend, Ex-whatever, ex-yougettheidea.


Your information is held on our secure servers equipped with bank level security software.

Terms of Service

When you elect to signup for Rental Kharma, we do require certain items related to personal identification. For example: Name, Date of Birth, Address, Landlord Name and Landlord Phone Number. This information is stored in a secure environment on only assessable by Rental Kharma team members working on your rent reporting verification.

This information is then sent to the credit bureaus on your behalf to help improve your credit worthiness.

If you have any questions call us at 720-307-1466.

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