One of the most popular services Rental Kharma offers is the ability to retroactively verify and report your past rental payment history onto your TransUnion credit report. We call that "Past Reporting!" 

TransUnion is the only Bureau or Credit Agency that is accepting past rental payment history to be added retroactively to your credit. That's rent you've already paid and we can easily add that to your credit report!

Past Reporting Time Frame

We can report rental from the Month and Year that you moved in. This will add valuable age to your credit report.

We will also include up to 2 years, or 24 months, of past rental payment history.

Past Leases

If your lease has already ended and was no longer active or ended BEFORE the 24 months from today's date, we will be unable to record that information.

If you no longer are renting or have moved out of the rental you want to report, we cannot help your credit score.

This process can be completed in about 2 weeks time on average!

Got any questions? We have answers! Please send us a message via our online chat feature. It's the little orange bubble right down there in the bottom right corner! You can also reach us with a phone call at 720-307-1466.

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