I don't have a credit score!

1 in 5 American adults do not have a credit score, you are not alone! People that do not have a credit score can simply add their rental payment history to their credit report and go from a ZERO SCORE and jump up to the mid 600s in just 1 week, simply by adding Rental History.

If you have many years of rental history at your current rental. You can expect even greater results.

I do have a credit score!

On average, people that verify 2 or more years of rental history that already have established credit see an initial increase of 40 points.

I don't have much rental history at my current rental!

If you have at least 3 months of history to report, then rent reporting will give you an initial jump in your credit score. If you just moved into your new rental if will take a few months for the payment history to start showing an increase in your score.

Ongoing Score Improvements

Reporting your rent each month into the future will continue to increase your credit score as it is adding valuable payment history and age to your credit score. On average scores increase about 4 points a month with ongoing reporting.

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