People come to Rental Kharma to build credit with their rent. Naturally, the biggest burning question people have is "How much will my score go up?" 

Members have seen an increase of anywhere from 5-100 points depending on the individual. 

On average, people that verify 2 years, or 24 months, of rental history that already have established credit see an increase of 40 points. This is based on the results people have shared with us in Facebook, Yelp and Google reviews and these averages are not a guarantee or a promise, but they do provide a good range. People that do not have a credit score (or are scored NO DATA) go from a ZERO and jump up to the mid 600s by adding 2 years of rental payments to their credit. That's pretty cool! 

As of 2015, an estimated 45 million Americans (Hint: That's about 1 in 3 adults) do not even have a credit score! Adding your rental history to your credit report is an excellent way to show positive payment history on your credit report and generate a score.

It is impossible to promise or predict a certain amount of points or a specific increase, as credit is as unique as a person's fingerprint. Rental reporting is not for everyone, in order for us to provide more information regarding your specific credit information please call to speak with one of our credit experts.

A lot of people think having your rental history added onto your credit report is too good to be true, but it is entirely possible! Read our Facebook reviews here!

While we do not have a crystal ball to see your credit future we can point you in the right direction with a free credit analysis session! Give us a call. We love to help!
Our phone number is 720-307-1466.

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